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Life-Changing Paints for Those with Chemical Allergies and Sensitivities

While it’s hard to believe that a can of paint can change someone’s life, we’ve found that this is often the case. At ECOS Paints, we’re privileged to know that our no-VOC, no-odor paints, primers, and varnishes contribute to this surprising yet understandable truth. But, how? For those with chemical allergies or sensitivities, the idea […]

2 Smart Tips For Priming Dark Colored Walls

If you’re priming or painting a wall, you should understand the benefits that come with investing in eco friendly polyurethane clear coats and low VOC paints. In fact, in a recent study, participants spent six full work days in an environmentally-controlled office space at the TIEQ lab at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. In this […]

2 Creative Spray Paint Projects Perfect For The Artistic Homeowner

There are countless projects and activities you can perform at home with spray paint, but unfortunately, many people are hesitant to use these paint products because of the health effects of VOCs. However, this issue can be resolved by investing in non toxic spray paints that have a very low level of VOCs. In a […]

Importance of Low-VOC, Pet-Friendly Paints

VOCs From Where? When it comes to air pollution, most of us know that the most common culprit is usually found in vehicle emissions. But what if we were to tell you that while vehicle emissions add to air pollution, there is another major contributor that you likely hadn’t thought of? According to a BBC […]

Recent Study Shows High VOCs in Household Products (Part 2)

In the last post, we discussed some results from a recent study reported by BBC News and conducted by Colorado University. We explained why investing in low VOC paints and similar products is an option that’s absolutely worth considering. As mentioned in the last post, our air contains such a unique mixture of chemicals and compounds that […]

Homeowner’s Guide To Properly Applying Wood Conditioner

Wood conditioners are intended to help even out the shades of the wood when it’s new and bare. What does pre stain conditioner prevent? As its name implies, it’s meant to be applied prior to staining, and without it, some woods will appear blotchy and uneven when the stain job is complete. But before you […]

Recent Study Shows High VOCs in Household Products (Part 1)

According to BBC News, new research has shown that chemicals present in common household products are one of the ‘key contributors’ to urban air pollution — and some of these products even compare to vehicle emissions. The study was conducted at Colorado University and focused on the presence of VOCs — volatile organic compounds — which […]

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities | Accommodations for Renting

Finding a home can prove to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for renters who suffer from multiple chemical sensitives (MCS). While property owners usually refresh apartments with a new coat of paint before the tenant moves in, these paints are often loaded with noxious chemicals called VOCs. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, release into […]

3 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Staining Concrete

Staining concrete is becoming a popular home improvement option due to the number of color and style options available. Whether attempting to do it yourself or hiring a professional, there are virtually countless ways to improve your home using a concrete painting or staining method. But before you even so much as visit a paint […]

Polyurethane Fume Exposure And Your Health: What You Need To Know

It’s no secret that many paints, varnishes, and clear coats emit VOCs and other harmful compounds after they’ve been applied to a surface. But of all types of fumes and toxins, avoiding polyurethane fumes may be the most essential due to their potential for harmful side effects. Here’s what you need to know about polyurethane […]