ECOS Interior Chalkboard Paint



A hard, washable, super-resilient, child-safe paint designed for creating your own chalkboard surfaces.  The low-sheen finish ideally takes all general purpose and sidewalk chalks, and is fully washable.  Made to the same exacting standards as our Nursery Paint, but modified for strength and hardness to last many years as a blackboard or chalkboard surface.

Available in black, white and any other color you can imagine.  Works especially well in darker shades like Black or Slate Grey.  However, the color can be chosen to complement the existing décor of the room - try deep blue, red or green for example, or white with colored chalks!


ECOS Chalkboard Paint is 100% non toxic, VOC free, allergy safe and, naturally, friendly to both the indoor and global environments.

Equally suited to Nurseries and Children’s rooms, kitchens and workrooms.  (Note: not suitable for floors)  The only limit to what can be a chalkboard, is your imagination and creativity!


Before first use, rub the entire surface of your chalkboard with the side of a chalk stick, then wipe clean.  Your chalkboard is now ready for years of use!

To prevent inhalation of chalk dust, it is always advisable to use a damp cloth to clean your chalkboard.


Varies with porosity, but on hard non-porous surfaces, 1 Quart will cover approximately 140 Sq Ft per coat (560  Sq Ft per Gallon).  A typical (8’ x 3’) door is 24 Sq Ft so 1 quart will cover up to three door-sized panels, with two coats.

For detailed product information and usage please see Application Notes to the left.


Healthy paint without performance compromise. ECOS paints and finishes are the world’s purest. Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, Asthma-friendly, Zero VOC, Odorless, Organic and Safe for the environment. Using only the finest pigments from Europe, all ECOS products have unmatched color depth and quality. ECOS finishes do not contain cheap fillers and solvents, so coverage is approximately 1.5x that of traditional paints, and the applied film is equally durable and long lasting.



Please note: 2oz size is only available in White
ex. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204.
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Material Safety Data Sheet (10016_R_1-2_-_MSDS_ECOS_Chalkboard_Paint.pdf, 227 Kb) [Download]

Application Notes (APNOTES-20018_v2-2_ECOS_Chalkboard_Paint.pdf, 126 Kb) [Download]

I used your chalkboard paint and think its great, especially knowing it has no harmful chemicals in it. Thank you for providing your paints.
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