ECOS Interior Semi-Gloss Floor Paint



The world’s finest interior paint. Non-Toxic. No odor. Zero VOC. Medium to high sheen, ideal for wooden and concrete floors. Offering the best coverage, durability, color and environmental pedigree of any paint on the market.


ECOS interior semi-gloss floor paint is a self-priming, medium to high sheen, protective finish that dries to a hard, durable film. Ideal for interior wooden floors (not teak, or oily woods) and dry concrete (not subject to wetting).  


Industry best. Up to 1.5x the coverage of traditional paints. Varies with porosity, but on hard non-porous surfaces:

    •   110 Square Feet per Quart

    •   430 Square Feet per Gallon 


ECOS interior semi-gloss floor paint can be applied just like a traditional paint. Use a good quality synthetic brush, or a roller with a shed resistant cover. Fast drying. Clean up with soapy water. Best results are achieved with three coats.


Healthy paint without performance compromise. ECOS interior semi-gloss floor paint is the world’s purest. Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, Asthma-friendly, Zero VOC, Odorless, Organic and Safe for the environment. Using only the finest pigments from Europe, ECOS interior semi-gloss floor paint has unmatched color depth and quality. ECOS interior semi-gloss floor paint does not contain cheap fillers and solvents, so coverage is approximately 1.5x that of traditional paints, and the applied film is equally durable and long lasting.



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ex. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204.
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MSDS ECOS Floor Paints (10021_R_1-2_-_MSDS_ECOS_Floor_Paints.pdf, 228 Kb) [Download]

Application Notes (APNOTES-20013_v2-2_ECOS_Floor_Paint.pdf, 125 Kb) [Download]

I am an interior designer who specifies this floor paint whenever I find an opportunity. It covers beautifully and is highly durable. Three coats on bare or sanded floors transforms any space. Upon trying this product for the first time, our skeptical painters were not only won over, they began referring to it as "liquid gold". Best of all, it is 100% non-toxic.
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