Paint Estimator

This calculator helps estimate the amount of product needed for a project. It takes into account the number of coats needed, and coverage for each product, as shown on Technical Help - Product Data page.

For example, to calculate the amount of product required to paint four walls, each measuring 12 feet long x 8 feet high:
Enter 4 in the "No. Walls/Doors/Surfaces" box
Enter 12 in the "Length" box Enter 8 in the "Height". You will be presented with the quantity required for each of our products.

Wallpaints Matt & Soft Sheen, Eggshell & Feng Shui, Nursery Paint, Firewall, Air Purifying paint0 Gallons
Gloss or Satin paint, Radiator paint, AFR, Varnishes & Woodstains (NOT FLOORS), Superchalky wallpaint, Stainblock, Cover Up Wall Paint0 Gallons
Floorpaints/ Varnishes & Stains on floors0 Gallons
Undercoat, Wood primer, MDF Pass. Primer, Woodwash0 Gallons
Plaster Sealer & Stabilizing solution0 Gallons
Concrete Sealer0 Gallons
Shed & Fence0 Gallons
Masonry0 Gallons
Algicide, Stone & Tile sealer, Stormseal0 Gallons
ELF / EMR Paint0 Gallons
Woodglue0 Gallons