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Air Pure Paints

ECOS Paints’ unique range of Air Purifying Products
improve indoor air quality for a healthier home.

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Remove VOCs

ECOS Air Pure Paints trap airborne VOCs, absorbing them into the paint surface, and eliminating them from the air we breathe.

Seal In Toxic Chemicals

ECOS Air Pure Paints are used to seal walls, floors and other substrates - stopping chemicals like formaldehyde, xylene and benzene from escaping into the air.

Success Stories

Thousands of customers have enjoyed the benefits of ECOS Air Purifying Paints. Some experiences have been transformational, some even life changing.


Healthy Happy Home with ECOS Paints.
After I tried several other zero VOC paints and varnishes in my home, and continued to have health problems (environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivities, and exposure to toxic chemicals) I tried ECOS Paints. I am so grateful for the man who created these paints. I am enjoying my home now for the first time in 38 years. I recommend this paint to everyone, we must have a space to breath clean air to prevent diseases. ECOS paint is a must for those who suffer with environmental illnesses, asthma, and multiple chemical sensitivities.

Saving Priceless Artifacts

When it came to protecting historic treasures, curators at The Louvre chose ECOS Air Pure Paints to stop off-gassing from wooden display cabinets, which could damage famous works of art.

Multiple Product Options

Our unique Air Purifying Technology is available in several of our products - including paints, primer, and varnish.
Ideal for almost any application.