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Seven Things You Should Know before Painting Baby’s Room

Seven Things You Should Know before Painting Baby’s Room

If you’re expecting a new baby, you might be going into nesting mode. One of the things you are probably eager to do is make over your new baby’s room with a fresh, coat of paint. Before you begin, however, there are a few questions that will need to be addressed.


What Is in the Paint?


While there are many different paint options available, you want to be sure that you choose a brand that is free of VOCs and other harmful chemicals. Some paints — like ours — are also latex-free and specially formulated for people with respiratory issues or chemical sensitivities.


How Does the Color Affect the Space?


Darker colors can make a room look cramped, while other colors — like white — can make the room feel more open. In addition, the different colors you use can affect your child’s mood. For example, it’s been claimed that red can make a person feel more aggressive, while yellow has been suggested to produce a cheerier mood in a person. There are even colors that may help your baby sleep better.


The most important thing you should do when choosing a color is to view them first. At Lullaby Paints, we provide our clients with free color samples so that they can see how the color will look in their home before they purchase.


How Much Paint Do You Need?


The amount of paint that you need will depending on the following:


  • The square footage of the area to be painted
  • The quality of the paint used

To apply two coats of paint to an average sized room might need five gallons of cheap paint, but only three gallons of premium-quality paint. Lullaby Paints prides itself on offering 1.5 times more paint coverage than the average traditional paint.


How Durable Does It Need to Be?


The paint finish that you choose can affect its durability. For example, if you need a washable, moisture resistant paint, we recommend selecting our eggshell finish. If you’re selecting paint for a high-traffic area, you may also want to consider eggshell or another pale to mid color, as they are less susceptible to marks from rubbing and scraping. Matte paint, on the other hand, tends to hide imperfections in the wall surface because it has less sheen.


When Should You Paint?


Timing is critical for painting a newborn’s room. You will want to make sure that any fumes have enough time to disperse after you’ve finished painting. Some traditional low VOC paints can take months, or even years to fully off gas.


Have You Done All the Necessary Prep Work?


Before you get started, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the right supplies. Not only that, but you’ll need to make sure that your tools have been prepped. Remember to remove any loose fibers or other debris from the rollers and brushes.


You should also make sure to:


  • Remove all furniture from the room
  • Cover the floor with drop cloths
  • Tape off the corners, floorboards, and any outlet covers or switch plates that have not been removed
  • Have a rag on hand in case of spills

If necessary, the first application step would be sand and prime your walls.

How Old Is Your Home?


In older homes, there may be the danger that lead paint has been used. If your home was built after 1978, you should not have to worry about that, but check. However, if lead is a possibility, you will want to take certain precautions, such as avoiding sanding or removing paint before you apply a new layer.


If you do need to have the paint sanded, you should contact a certified professional, who will be able to complete the job safely.


Once you’ve figured out the answers to the questions above, you’ll be ready to select your paint color and start painting! Need some help with the color selection process? Contact Lullaby Paints! We make it easy to choose the color you love most for your nursery.

4 Things to Consider before Choosing Your Next Paint Color

4 Things to consider...

Considering repainting a room in your house? Or are you looking to give a few of your rooms a makeover? No matter how many rooms are in need of an update, there are several things you should consider before settling on a color choice. Find out what you should keep in mind before coming to a decision.


What Your Preferences Are

It might be obvious to some that color preferences would be a priority, but you’d be surprised how often people jump on the trendy bandwagon and get stuck with a paint color that’s too loud for them to live with, or so boring that no one notices the color change at all. While it’s always fun to try something new, make sure you take into account how you really feel about a color. Make sure it’s a good fit for you before making any impulsive decisions.


How Light Factors In

Have you ever had a color that looks one way at one time of day and completely different throughout the day? Maybe you like the idea of chameleon-like paint. Maybe not. No matter which side of the fence you’re one, make sure you get an accurate idea of how a certain color may appear when different types of light touch it. Even if you like the idea of a color change, you might not like the tone of your color choice under certain lighting conditions.


How It Coordinates with the Rest of the Room

It’s very important to consider how the color you choose will look with lighting fixtures, cabinets, fireplaces, your flooring, and furniture in the room. If you don’t take this aspect into consideration, you might realize after the fact that the color you can’t live without clashes terribly with your couch, or makes your cabinets stand out too much. Once you’ve painted the room, you’re left with the decision to start the paint search all over again. Alternatively, you could also rip out your cabinets or replace your furniture to match that new paint color. If you’d rather avoid that hassle, make sure you choose a color that plays well with the rest of your room.


How It Makes You Feel

Have you ever noticed that different colors can make you feel different ways? You’re not the only one who’s noticed the effect a color can have on your mood. In fact, there are many studies that have been conducted to determine exactly how color can affect an individual. No matter what the experts say, you should consider the way colors tend to make you feel and take that into account before making your selection. A color that gets you pumped up would be a great option for a workout room, while a color that helps you relax is great for a bedroom—or a bathroom if you like to relax in the tub.


Feel ready to find the perfect color for your space? ECOS Paints, we’re eager to help you find the best paints and finishes for your project. Contact us today!

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When you’ve wanted to paint a room (or rooms) for a very long time; have finally picked out the right color(s); and, are ready to tackle the project, the last thing you want to do is all the tedious prep work. You want a coat of paint on the wall NOW. You want to cruise through this job like you’re an unstoppable pro, but we’re here to tell you, that’s not how the pros do it. All those little things that are a part of prep work have to be done, and they need to be done right for your paint job to look good. If your paint job looks like you did it as fast as humanly possible, you’re not going to be happy looking at it for years. So, here’s a secret pro painting tip: don’t rush the job. Follow these easy steps to ensure you get pro results from your next DIY paint project.


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