The Easiest Way to Buy Paint When You're Pregnant

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As all moms know, everything gets a little bit more challenging when you're pregnant – especially if you also have another little one or two to take care of. So, the last thing you probably want to do is hang out in hardware or home improvement stores. Or, even worse, lug paint cans from the store to your car (or bus) and then home. Still, you probably want to paint the nursery or spruce your nest up somehow, so what's the easiest way to buy paint when you're pregnant? It's simple – shop online.

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An Eclectic Coral Nursery Design

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Check out the newest nursery design inspiration from Esther of Buy Modern Baby! She chose Summer Coral, one of Lullaby Paints’ new shades exclusive to the Project Nursery shop, and used it as the backdrop to her latest design creation. She says, “I’ve got two boys and I’m not super ‘girly’ anyway, so pink is always a challenge for me. Fortunately, Summer Coral isn’t really ‘pink’ even though it functions like a shade of pink with a cozy, feminine feel.” Using textiles with traditional Native American patterns, light Maple furnishings, and pops of color such as copper, black, blue, and brown results in a room with eclectic elegance.

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How to Design and Organize a Shared Nursery

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Designing a nursery is a big project and knowing that the space has to be shared by two adorable little munchkins (either twins or siblings) may seem like an impossible endeavor – but we have a few clever ideas that should make it a bit easier. We can’t help with the challenges of staggered bedtimes or night-waking or sibling rivalry, but we can certainly help the space look beautiful and function well! Here’s how to design and organize a shared nursery.

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New! Project Nursery Lullaby Paints Palette

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We've always loved Project Nursery and their amazing site filled with design inspiration – and today they've gone above and beyond in making it easier for parents to create beautiful spaces with the introduction of The Project Nursery Shop! Offering fresh designs + unique collaborations for nursery, baby and mom – including a brand new color collection of nursery paints from Lullaby!

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A Joyful Green (But Still Serene) Nursery

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Lullaby Paints in Joyful Green sets the mood for this sublimely serene nursery design from Esther at Buy Modern Baby. Not too bright and not too dark, it’s a happy hue that makes a bold, yet calming backdrop to all the white accessories. Plus, by going monochromatic with furnishings and decor it’s super-duper easy for anyone to replicate this refined look!

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Royal Blue Nursery Design with Wood & Gold Accents

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Just like a great pair of denim jeans, dark blue is a great neutral foundation that goes with almost any color and aesthetic. We’re loving how Lullaby Paints’ Royal Blue wall color works with these natural wood tones and gold accent pieces. What a stunning and unexpected combination of casual and formal! Esther from Buy Modern Baby says the color is “rich and regal” and we think this design board is filled with fantastic pieces that enhance the beauty of this incredible color.

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A Modern Feminine Coral, Aqua, and Pink Nursery Design

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Here’s an easy nursery design tip: pick your color palette using one item that you love and base the colors off of that. Brilliant, right? Esther from Buy Modern Baby says that she likes to use the brightest colors as her springboard. She took inspiration from the bedding from Modified Tot’s Kenzie collection to create this “modern feminine” coral, aqua, and pink nursery. Lullaby Paint’s Peach Sherbet is the perfect shade to provide a pleasing backdrop to this beautiful color combination.

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How To Choose Non-Toxic Nursery Furniture

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Did you know that the air in a newly furnished nursery can contain 300 different chemicals—compared to just two right outside the window? Designing a nursery is fun, but it’s important to keep in mind the potential health risks associated with conventional furniture and décor. Healthy Child Healthy World, a national non-profit, has an easy-to-use 30+ page guide for expectant and new parents that covers everything from what chemicals to avoid, working with a budget, online resources, and advice from other mothers. Today, we’re sharing their top tips on how to choose non-toxic nursery furniture.

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How to Make a DIY Chalkboard Dresser for Kids

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Take an old dresser from boring to brilliant with an easy chalkboard paint makeover! In a kid’s room, this project is not only fun, it’s also super practical. Help kids organize by labeling drawers (you can even draw pictures for kids too young to read)! For older kids, they can doodle on the dresser and change the look and feel of it whenever the inspiration strikes. We love the endless possibilities! Here’s how to make a DIY chalkboard dresser for kids.

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Starting a DIY Project? Consider These Odorless Paint Benefits

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In a 2017 interior design trends survey, more than a third of respondents said they would choose a neutral color palette if redecorating their home. But in addition to choosing the colors for your painting project, you'll also have to choose the right type of paint. Odorless paints have countless benefits over traditional paints, and many of them are unknown to even savvy DIY homeowners. Here are just a few benefits of odorless paints that everyone should know about before purchasing paints for their next project.

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