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Design Inspiration: Using Red in the Nursery

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 03/12/2015 Times Read: 404 Comments 0

Red is a dynamic and energizing color that can give any room a lot of personality, but many people assume it might not be right for a nursery since it’s not known as a soothing color. Nothing could be further from the truth! Red can add a real wow-factor to a nursery and today we’ll prove it to you. Here are tips and design inspiration for using red in the nursery.

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44 Fabulous Crafts to Make with Paint (& a Giveaway!)

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 03/05/2015 Times Read: 394 Comments 0

Happy National Craft Month! To celebrate the art of crafting, today we're sharing 44 fabulous crafts to make with paint and we're also giving away a $200 gift card for one lucky winner to stock up on Lullaby Paints! Take a peek at our Pinboard of ideas, get inspired, and then enter the giveaway!

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A Fabulous French Blue Nursery Design

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 02/27/2015 Times Read: 458 Comments 0

Did you know that in color psychology, blue hues are known to be calming and sedative? Sounds like the perfect color for a nursery, right!? Here's a modern, whimsical, gender neutral blue nursery design from Buy Modern Baby based on Lullaby Paints in French Blue.

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50 Ideas for Floral Baby Nurseries

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 02/21/2015 Times Read: 357 Comments 0

From shabby-chic, classic floral patterns to whimsical watercolored bouquets, flowers can be used in design in an infinite amount of ways. If you're interested in incorporating them into your baby's nursery, skip the boring, generic pieces you might find at the local super store and use one of these 50 ideas for floral baby nurseries. An added bonus of using elements with a bit more imagination or sophistication is that they can grow with your child or be re-purposed for other places in your home!

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A Dreamy Cream Nursery Design

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 02/13/2015 Times Read: 405 Comments 0

Esther of Buy Modern Baby has put together yet another inspired nursery design board for us – this time combining a cozy cream with dark woods and touches of dusty pink. Using Lullaby Paints in Snowy Fleece as the inspiration color, she's managed to take what could be blah and made it breath-taking! Esther says, "it’s white, but it’s a beautiful creamy warm white that goes really well with dark woods. I stayed away from white for a long time, but the last two rooms I’ve painted have been white. If you need any convincing that white is a great nursery option, we’ve got a Pinterest board that will prove it." Check it out and see what you think!

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Storybook Nursery Inspiration (& Giveaway!)

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 02/04/2015 Times Read: 404 Comments 0

From Dr. Seuss to Disney and beyond, children's storybooks translate into some of the most whimsical, wonderful nurseries and kids' room. The illustrations are the perfect fodder for creating a cohesive color palette and an imaginative aesthetic. Wondering how to get started? Today we're sharing some spectacular storybook nursery inspiration boards, as well as a $200 Lullaby Paints giveaway to get you started on your transformation!

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15 Easy, Green & Non-toxic Nursery Tips

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 01/31/2015 Times Read: 424 Comments 0

Maybe you recycle and maybe you buy organic food and maybe you use reusable bags, but have you gone green in the nursery? There are tons of ways to create a kid's space that's safe and eco-friendly. To kick off your efforts, here are 15 easy, green & non-toxic nursery tips!

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Pretty Little Horses Nursery Design

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 01/23/2015 Times Read: 393 Comments 0

Bring the ranch, the range, and a chic cowboy (or cowgirl) aesthetic inside for a one of a kind Pretty Little Horses nursery design! Based on an equine inspired collection of earthy colors from our baby-safe paint collection, this design is warm and elegantly rustic.

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Top Nursery Design Trends for 2015

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 01/16/2015 Times Read: 405 Comments 0

Will you be decorating (or re-decorating) a nursery in the coming year? It’s fun to look through all of the photos on Pinterest and interior design websites, but it can be really overwhelming, too. With so much to choose from, which direction should you go? Finding the trends is often an easy way to give yourself some focus and help you create a space that’s really wow-worthy. So, today we’re sharing our picks for some of the top nursery design trends for 2015!

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Winter Woodland Nursery Design

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 01/09/2015 Times Read: 402 Comments 0

Nature is one of the best sources for design inspiration and even if you don’t like the cold temperatures of winter, you can certainly appreciate the snowy, white beauty of the season. Esther of Buy Modern Baby captures the essence of a frosty forest in this winter woodland nursery design, but keeps it cozy feeling using the warmth of Lullaby Paints in Suede combined with cabin-esque elements that are reminiscent of sitting around a fire.

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