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8 Ingenious Ways to Upcycle an Old Crib

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 06/16/2014 Times Read: 504 Comments 0

Ready to transition your little one to a “big kid” bed? Don’t throw that crib away! Re-use, re-purpose, and re-imagine it to give you more bang for your buck! Here are 8 ingenious ways to upcycle an old crib into something fun and functional.

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8 Essential Tips for Baby Proofing A Nursery

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 06/06/2014 Times Read: 441 Comments 0

Whether you’re renovating your baby’s nursery or starting from scratch, there are a lot of safety issues to consider. You probably already know about using outlet covers and keeping cords out of reach, but we know a few things that are often overlooked. Check out our 8 essential tips for baby proofing a nursery.

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A Baby Nursery Inspired by a Spring Meadow

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 05/28/2014 Times Read: 489 Comments 0

A springtime theme is perfect for a baby nursery - think of the symbolism: birth, purity, vitality. It's a time of year that naturally puts a smile on our faces and a spring in our step (pun intended). If you're interested in infusing this kind of feeling into your baby's nursery design, check out this delightful pattern from Dwell Studio combined with a coordinating color palette from Lullaby Paints.

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Gray, Pink and Yellow Nursery Inspiration from Buy Modern Baby

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 05/27/2014 Times Read: 467 Comments 0

Gray is definitely THE hottest nursery color trend right now and we love this design inspiration with pops of yellow and pink from Esther at Buy Modern Baby! She says "Lullaby Paints in Pewter is dark enough to be a bold choice but light enough to not make the room look gloomy. With bright pink and yellow accents and white furnishings, this room is anything but dark." What do you think of this gray, pink and yellow nursery?

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A Safari Nursery Color Palette

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 05/14/2014 Times Read: 506 Comments 0

Want to create a space worthy of your little wild animal? Go safari style with this delightful pattern from Dwell Studio combined with a coordinating color palette from Lullaby Paints.

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Nursery Trend Alert: Royal Baby Inspired, Gender Neutral Design

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 04/24/2014 Times Read: 452 Comments 0

We have a ton of design inspirations featured on Pinterest, but one Pin specifically has been pinned and pinned and pinned and pinned get the idea. Gender neutral nursery design has been popular for quite some time, but we found royal baby inspired, gender neutral design and the combination of concepts seems to really have struck a chord! Check out these elegant ideas and click through on the links below to learn how to purchase elements from these gorgeous rooms.

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Where to Find Great Green Nursery Decor & Furnishings

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 04/16/2014 Times Read: 419 Comments 0

There’s an image circulating around Facebook lately from the Story of Stuff that captures how to stay green and healthy in the dizzying landscape of baby products. We agree -- if you can thrift it, swap it, or borrow it -- save yourself the dime, throw on a fresh coat of paint and feel proud you protected the planet and your pocketbook!

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A Peek Inside Danielle & Kevin Jonas' Baby Playroom (Painted with Lullaby Paints!)

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 04/08/2014 Times Read: 481 Comments 0

Back on February 2nd, Kevin Jonas and his lovely wife Danielle welcomed baby girl Alena Rose and we just learned they chose Lullaby Paints for her chic playroom! They enlisted our good friend Vanessa Antonelli of NessaLee Baby to create a beautiful space that's just as inviting for adults as it is for kids. Here's a sneak peek with advice from Vanessa.

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Sweet Quotes for Your Little Sweetie's Nursery

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 03/23/2014 Times Read: 404 Comments 0

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words can make the most lovely picture! With the increasing popularity of quotes, typographic art is all the rage and there are infinite ways you can play with it to make a statement (literally!) on your wall. Today we're sharing inspiration for children's spaces - sweet quotes for your little sweetie's nursery!

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Lullaby Paints Spring Color Collection

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 03/20/2014 Times Read: 419 Comments 0

Are you as eager for spring as we are? It's been a brutal winter for most of the country and we sympathize with all of you still suffering through unseasonably cold temperatures. To help warm your spirits, we've created a new palette of perfect nursery colors inspired by the delicate flowers and light, happy tones of spring. Drum roll, please, for Lullaby Paints spring color collection!

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