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Natural & Neutral Colors for the Baby Nursery

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 10/16/2013 Times Read: 439 Comments 0

Esther from Buy Modern Baby just shared her most recent Lullaby Paints nursery design inspiration board and we love the natural elements and easy neutral palette that creates such an adaptable space. By choosing neutral tones for your walls and main furnishings, you are open to swap in entirely different colored and textured elements in the future. What do you think of natural and neutral colors for the baby nursery?

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Easy DIY Chalkboard Silhouette

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 10/15/2013 Times Read: 408 Comments 0

Today's DIY with Lullaby comes from Dina at Honey and Fitz. It's a lovely DIY chalkboard silhouette that turns a classic piece of memorabilia into a fun piece of wall-art. Make your own using our easy tutorial and share your pictures with us when you’re done!

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How to Make a Chalkboard Kid's Table

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 10/09/2013 Times Read: 432 Comments 0

Do your kids end up drawing on the table no matter how large the piece of paper you give them may be? Well, even if they don't, a brightly colored chalkboard table is a fun way to encourage their creative spirits without sacrificing your furniture. For today's DIY with Lullaby, Camila from Effortless Style shares how to make a chalkboard kid's table. What a great weekend project!

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The World's Most Popular Color is............

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 08/28/2013 Times Read: 380 Comments 0

That’s the word from a survey conducted by three global marketing firms that determined blue is overwhelmingly the world's most popular color as it's the favorite of people in each of 17 different countries, reports Wireless Flash.

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DIY Luxe Nursery Design on a Dime

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 06/29/2013 Times Read: 504 Comments 0

Today’s post is from our retail partners at Petit Tresor, a luxury baby boutique in Hollywood whose clientele includes the Kardashians, Jessica Simpson, Tia Mowry, and most recently - the royal couple! Read through their expert tips and then enter to win an awesome giveaway!

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Before & After: Painted Glider Rocker

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 06/30/2013 Times Read: 456 Comments 0

Do you have an old glider rocker in need of a facelift? Maybe someone gave you a hand-me-down to help furnish your baby nursery, but it’s not quite fitting your design aesthetic?

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5 Unbelievable Facts About the Paint on Your Walls

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 06/27/2013 Times Read: 367 Comments 0

You’re surrounded by it every day. It’s a part of the design of every room. But, do you really know the facts about paints? Most people assume that since they’re so commonplace, the paints we slap all over everything must be safe. Think again. Here are 5 unbelievable facts about the paint on your walls that should definitely make you re-think your next home reno project.

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Delightful DIY Chalkboard Canvas Wall Hanging

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 06/24/2013 Times Read: 392 Comments 0

Looking for an easy art project to perk up a tired wall? Look no further than this delightful DIY chalkboard canvas wall hanging from Joni at Lay Baby Lay. (Side note: bookmark her blog. The creative inspiration is sublime!)

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Royal Baby Nursery Inspiration: Neutral Nursery Ideas

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 07/24/2013 Times Read: 531 Comments 0

The global frenzy over Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Baby has reached a fever pitch and we have to admit, we’re dying to see what the royal baby nursery looks like! Here’s what we know so far:

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What Nursery Room Color Helps Your Baby Sleep?

Posted By: Lullaby Published: 06/10/2013 Times Read: 446 Comments 0

Whoever came up with the cliche about sleeping like a baby, clearly never had one. Babies are notorious for nighttime waking and parents will try almost anything to get them to sleep better - using white noise machines, placing a lightweight book on their baby’s back to simulate their hand, placing a ticking clock under their bed to mimic mom’s heartbeat - the list goes on and on. But, what if your baby’s nursery room color could help your baby sleep better? A recent study of 2,000 homes in the U.K. may have you re-painting the walls.

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