Your Complete Guide to Vegetable Container Gardening

Posted By: ECOS Published: 07/13/2016 Times Read: 311 Comments 0

A vegetable garden is not out of reach, even without any yard space! We've got all the necessary info for starting your very own veggie container garden.

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20+ Easy, Eco-Friendly Home Hacks

Posted By: ECOS Published: 07/01/2016 Times Read: 1585 Comments 0

Want to go greener without dedicating too much time or money? Check out these ingeniously easy, unique tricks!

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The Top Six Reasons To Repaint the Outside of Your Home

Posted By: ECOS Published: 07/07/2016 Times Read: 1473 Comments 0

The benefits of repainting far outweigh the costs. See the Top Six Reasons to Repaint the Outside of Your Home, including protection and curb appeal!

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5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying a Green Home

Posted By: ECOS Published: 06/26/2016 Times Read: 239 Comments 0

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ECOS Paints Partners with Jesus Tables

Posted By: ECOS Published: 06/21/2016 Times Read: 248 Comments 0

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The Easiest DIY Rain Barrels and How to Paint Them

Posted By: ECOS Published: 06/17/2016 Times Read: 2246 Comments 0

Starting the process of collecting rainwater is a piece of cake with these 5 easiest DIY rainbarrel tutorials (and step-by-step instructions for painting!)

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Which Eco-Friendly Prefab Home is Right for You?

Posted By: ECOS Published: 06/09/2016 Times Read: 1079 Comments 1

Versatile and sustainable, prefab homes are on the rise and have something for everyone. Which of these eco-friendly prefab home designs is right for you?

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Brilliant (But, Do-Able) Sustainable Home Design Trends

Posted By: ECOS Published: 06/02/2016 Times Read: 647 Comments 0

Eco-friendly materials and sustainable technologies are making our homes greener than ever. Check out these ideas for making your dream green home!

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Did You Know Green Offices Increase Health, Happiness & Productivity?

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/27/2016 Times Read: 230 Comments 1

A recent study found that people working in a green office scored 183% higher on strategy development. Click through to learn what else they found.

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Myths & Facts About Shipping Container Homes

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/19/2016 Times Read: 6278 Comments 4

Interested in having a shipping container home? Here's a ton of great info to get you started and headed in the right direction.

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