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ECOS Concrete Products

Ideal for tinting and protecting Concrete.
No harsh odors which cause headaches, and respiratory problems.
Can be applied comfortably in homes, and other occupied places.

Fancy seeing you down here! While we have you, let's talk more about our concrete products, shall we?

Protect your concrete with eco-friendly and eco-engineered concrete sealer, concrete stain, and stabilizing solution by ECOS Paints. Whether you need to refurbish your existing concrete or protect your new patio, driveway, walls, or floor, our concrete products are here to help. Unlike traditional concrete stains and sealers, our eco-friendly, eco-engineered concrete sealers and concrete stains have been developed to avoid toxic chemicals and VOCs found in traditional products, which can cause breathing problems, headaches.

By sealing or staining your concrete with our premium eco-engineered products, you will add a splash of color or texture, allow for easier cleaning and maintenance, create an attractive sheen, and protect against wear, contaminants, abrasion, and weather.