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Our accredited and award-winning primers are uniquely developed to provide superior coverage and an excellent bonding surface for ECOS paints. Choose from a variety of premium quality primers which contain non-toxic ingredients to get started on your next project. Our award-winning primers are designed to be gentle enough for use in occupied spaces without causing discomfort and irritation due to harsh fumes. Imagine priming your pet’s enclosure made of bare iron or steel, bare interior or exterior woodwork, particleboard, or fiberboard without worrying about the harmful chemicals found in traditional paints!

Should you require a premium quality primer for your interior space, feel free to browse our wall, ceiling, and pet dwelling products. We also offer award winning primers for exterior use as well as stain blocking and passivating primers. Each can of primer contains clear data sheets so you can see exactly what the product is made of. Rest assured - with ECOS primers, your family and pets are safe from harmful chemicals found in traditional primers.