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Coverage (sometimes called “spread rate”) refers to the amount of paint that is required to coat a specific area.

Traditional paints generally have a coverage of around 350 square feet per gallon. In comparison, ECOS Paints will cover up to 560 square feet per gallon. That means, a gallon of ECOS Paint will coat 1.5x as much wall space as a traditional paint. The benefit of improved coverage is that fewer gallons are required to paint a room, which will reduce the cost.

ECOS Paints achieves this improved coverage by only using high quality ingredients, manufacturing a paint with higher solids content, and not filling our products with cheap solvents that simply evaporate into the air.

To calculate the amount of paint you need for a project, you can use the paint calculator on each product page. Just follow three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Input the coverage (sq. ft. per gallon) of the product that you are going to use
  • Step 2: Add the number of coats that are recommended for the perfect finish
  • Step 3: Input the dimensions of the area that is being coated (length/width in feet)

The calculator will do the rest.

The paint calculator can be found on the product pages and gives estimates specific to the product you are viewing.