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What's Your Dream Eco-Renovation?

Posted By: ECOS Published: 10/02/2015 Times Read: 20618 Comments 0

If money wasn't an issue, what would your dream eco-renovation be? Maybe you have something immediately in mind, but we'd like to inspire you further.

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An Eco-Smart Home Using ECOS Organic Stains & Varnish

Posted By: ECOS Published: 11/20/2014 Times Read: 609 Comments 0
An Eco-Smart Home Using ECOS Organic Stains & Varnish

This home built by DJK Custom Homes truly shows how sustainable, efficient, & healthy living can all be a part of an extremely aesthetically pleasing house!

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LEED 101 : Green Building Basics

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/21/2014 Times Read: 932 Comments 0

If you're about to build a new home for your family or are a contractor looking to up your game, you'll want to look into LEED certification.

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10 Ways to Reduce Your Eco-Footprint While Renovating

Posted By: ECOS Published: 04/13/2014 Times Read: 556 Comments 0

Go green and save green by trying these ways to reduce your eco-footprint while renovating!

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How to Find an Eco-Friendly Contractor

Posted By: ECOS Published: 10/19/2016 Times Read: 1762 Comments 0

Choosing a trustworthy contractor is tough enough, but what about someone green? Here are expert tips for how to find an eco-friendly contractor.

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