7 Stunning Eco-Friendly Cabinets
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7 Stunning Eco-Friendly Cabinets

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Since you're reading this post, you know that your choice of building materials and finishes has an impact on our environment. But did you know it also impacts your indoor air quality? Traditional cabinetry is made with engineered and pressed woods that use formaldehyde in the resin that binds the bits together. Why does that matter? Because formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen. Not "possibly" cancer causing. It's undeniably a carcinogen. Luckily, you can find plenty of kitchen cabinets designed and manufactured with a focus on sustainability, eco-friendly materials, and safer resins and finishes. Here are 7 stunning eco-friendly cabinets that check all the boxes: green, gorgeous, and safe!


 #1 Executive Cabinetry:

This South Carolina company has tons of different colors and door styles, and exudes a classic elegance. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association created the Environmental Stewardship Program to serve as a measurable eco-certification for kitchen and bath cabinets, and this company is ESP-certified! They also boast the GREENGUARD Gold Certification (super low VOC emissions) and an FSC certification (responsible forestry).



 #2 Vienna Woodworks:

For those who dream of a farmhouse kitchen or something cabin-inspired, this is for you! Vienna Woodworks of Minnesota will make you antique kitchen cabinets made of reclaimed barn wood. They also make beautiful furniture, so if you've always wanted a reclaimed wood dining table they will custom build one for you!



#3 AlterECO:

Many know and love bamboo as sustainable flooring, but it works great for your cabinetry, too! AlterECO's designs will give your kitchen a sleek, modern aesthetic. Plus, they're a Green America Certified Business and have a SUSTAIN program that will work with your architect or designer to make your project as green as possible.



#4 Lanz Cabinets:

With 17 different cabinet collections, you're bound to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. This is another ESP-certified company, with low-VOC finishes and a No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) Cabinetry option. They also use energy conserving and recycling practices during manufacturing.



#5 Huggy Bear's Cupboards:

This Portland, Oregon-based company offers the next trend in sustainable materials: lyptus. It's a eucalyptus hybrid wood that has a quick growth rate, great workability, and is an eco-alternative to cherry or mahogany due to its elegant appearance. Huggy Bear also has a water-based finish available with very low VOCs.



#6 EcoUrban Collection:

We love both collections that this Chicago company provides: EcoUrban Aire and EcoUrban Steel. The Aire collection has three different series: “Steel,” “Veneer,” and “Chroma,” that use a NAUF cabinet box and sustainable cellulose fiber. The Steel collection’s “Pure” series produces no off-gassing or pollutants during assembly. These cabinets are perfect for you if you’ve wanted to play with colorful or metallic designs.



#7 Elmwood Reclaimed Timber:

This is unique and gorgeous wood with a story! Elmwood guarantees that all of their antique stone and wood products are made from 100% reclaimed barns, old buildings, and other structures. Plus, they’re FSC-certified and can help your project earn up to 5 LEED credit points. Keep in mind that they sell reclaimed cabinet grade lumber (not ready-to-go cabinets) so you’ll have to find someone else to make them or DIY if you’re super crafty.

Know what's even more eco-friendly than any of these options? Reusing salvaged cabinets or giving your existing one a little makeover! It reduces the use of natural resources AND reduces the budget for your project. Check out our post about how to paint all types of cabinets if you'd like to go the reuse route.

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