Paint Color Samples | Color Samples of VOC-Free Paint

Color & Product Samples

To help you finalize your color and product choices, we offer samples for you to try out at home.

Color & product samples

The color samples and product samples all come in 2-ounce jars in a pack of up to three samples for $9.99. This fee is reimbursable to customers who purchase one gallon or more of any ECOS or Woodshield product within 30 days of receiving the samples. Additional 2-ounce color samples and product samples can be purchased at $3.33 per sample, however, these are not reimbursable.
Your color samples are in the color of your choice with an eggshell finish. Your product samples, in the finish that you have chosen, are always supplied in white.

If you have any questions about color samples or product selections, please do not hesitate to contact our Concierge Support here.


Color Samples

Get a 2oz color sample of our paints, stains, tinted varnish and concrete sealers.

Untinted Sample & Fan Deck

Get a 2oz sample of our paints, varnishes and specialty products.

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