Customer Project - Jesus Tables

Jesus Tables in Naples, Florida has been building incredible rustic farm tables since 2012, using only the most natural, and sustainable materials possible.
With environmental impact and the health of their customers in mind, the obvious choice for finishing their "Jesus Tables" is, of course, WoodShield Stain and Varnish!

Jesus Tables builds all types of tables from coffee tables and desks, to huge farm tables, and everything in between! Here are just a handful of their recent works of art using WoodShield Stain and Varnish. You can see more of their work on their website -

Jesus Tables' very own Brian Lidgard was kind enough to send us these great photos of his work, along with some comments about his experience using ECOS products:

" Well, first off it's all about educating the customer of what they don't know regarding how harmful the toxic chemicals are regarding the big box store paints, stains and varnishes. When people with asthma come to us to build them a table using Ecos products there is a reason... there is a reason why people with headaches and allergies prefer to use all natural products in their home. Most people are conscious of their health but forget to think about furniture, paints and stains and what toxic chemicals are being allowed in their home.

As far as Jesus Tables goes, we build big solid wood farm tables which is hard enough for people to find a well made family dining room table these days and the fact that customers see Jesus Table's uses Ecos's just a bonus win win for everybody.

We had an elderly couple, who suffered with bad allergies to even the smallest VOC's and dust, approach Jesus Tables for a big round rustic dining room table and heard about us from the Ecos website and called us up immediately. Then asked us if we can build them the table with 100% Ecos finishing products for the table and of course we said sure...that's what we do. In short the table came out great and the couple was so thrilled they could actually find a company who builds custom tables using Ecos products. Initially they were searching the web up and down with no luck.


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