Customer Project - Tiny House

Perch & Nest is a tiny/cottage home manufacturing company in the heart of Winston Salem, NC.
Using sustainable materials and methods throughout, the obvious choice in paint for this Roost36 Tiny Home was, of course, ECOS Paints.


Tiny House 1 Tiny House 2 Tiny House 3 Tiny House 4 Tiny House 5 Tiny House 6 Tiny House 7 Tiny House 8

Roost36, made its public debut as this years featured build at the Tiny House NC Street Festival and will live on as our 2017 showroom on wheels. This family size modern farmhouse is an example of Perch & Nest’s design and craftsmanship and also displays products and services from some of our favorite partners.


YouTube channel Tiny R(e)volution even did a whole feature video walkthrough of this amazing Tiny Home, check it out below