Commercial Project - Tricia's Ooak Art

This week's featured project comes from a newer customer of ours who uses our WoodShield products to create some beautiful pieces of art from various species of wood.

Company bio: Tricia's Ooak Art is a one of a kind interior decor business that focuses on bringing the outdoors in. Clocks, coat racks, and picture frames are just a few of the products available for purchase. Inspired by the Adirondacks, I started making my art as a form of creative coping. Being a recent mother has moved me to find a safe protective finishing for my creations. Ecos Paints allows me to apply varnish in the same area as my son without the worry of toxic fumes; meanwhile providing an excellent protective coating to preserve my work.

This is one of the first projects Tricia has shared with us, but she tells us there are more on the way. You can already find many beautiful pieces on her Etsy store here, and we are proud to supply Tricia with the stain and varnish she needs to create beautiful pieces like this, without the odor and issues associated with traditional stain and polyurethane products!

Tricia's project is a testament to how far ECOS Varnish can go, she was able to varnish this whole piece with just a 2oz sample!

Along with these great photos, Tricia was kind enough to share some thoughts on her experience using ECOS products:

" A little goes a long way! My project turned out fantastic and i was astounded how fast the varnish dried. I am thankful that i have a safe protective coating for my art as i have a baby and a cat at home who are susceptible to getting into anything! "


Tricia's Ooak Art 1 Tricia's Ooak Art 2