Customer Project - Custom Dog Kennel

Joe D from Mississippi used our ECOS Pet Dwelling Paint (In Eggshell & Semi-Gloss finishes) to paint the kennel he & a friend built for his dog, Heidi.

ECOS is ideal for projects like this, our beloved family pets are just as sensitive to VOCs and other chemicals as people, in some cases even more so!
ECOS Pet Paint is extremely durable, and does not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in traditional paints, making it perfect for all types of pet dwellings. We have customers who have used it for bird cages, both indoor and outdoor dog houses, reptile enclosures, and cat trees, just to name a few.

Joe was kind enough to share some photos of the finished project, we're sure you'll agree, it looks great!

" Everything turned out great! The paint had excellent coverage and did not have to use a bunch of coats!! Our Heidi sure enjoys it! "


Before After Complete