Customer Project - DIY Stairs

This was their greatest DIY project yet. The 18-year-old Berber carpet had to be removed. Underneath awaited pine boards to be stained. We used Woodshield Special Walnut topped with the Semi-Gloss Varnish. The color matches the landing and upstairs floor perfectly. We painted the backs of the steps and the walls a camel tan and touched up the trim with eggshell. Job completed by a mom and her 14-year-old son. Next project: We're thinking of getting wood planks and staining them instead of purchasing flooring for our living room with the fish tank, named the aquarium room. Of course, the stain was more expensive, but there was absolutely no odor, we have two active dogs and the temperature outside wouldn't allow us to open the windows. This was the greatest product and I can't wait to pick out the next color/project.


Stairs 1 Stairs 2