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ECOS Interior Passivating Primer

ECOS Interior Passivating primer is ideal for sealing interior medium density fiberboard (MDF), chipboard, particle board and plywood prior to painting. Adsorbs VOCs, including formaldehyde, before they escape into the air.

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Features and FunctionalityCertifications and Rating Systems
Enhanced VOC filtering technologyDeclare Label
Premium qualityHPD Third Party Verified
Advanced resin technology for strong bonding8260B VOCs (Liquid State GC/MS)
Up to 1.5x coverage of traditional productsCDPH (01350)
Can be applied in occupied spaces without discomfort
No odor2
Environmental Performance
Zero VOC1
No glycol and zero VOC pigments
No harmful solvents
1Conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions test taken at 14 days).
2No traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.
Stir gently and thoroughly before use.
Apply one or two coats by brush or roller.
Normally touch dry in 1-2 hours. Allow to dry for at least two hours before over-coating.
Clean equipment and brushes with water.
Slight discoloration of this white paint by some grades of MDF does not affect the performance.
Comprehensive Application Instructions can be found here.