DD--Lullaby Paints

Non-Toxic Lullaby Paints


Healthier Living

For 35 years, we’ve helped our customers create healthier living environments with our premium quality, eco-friendly paints. We’re happy to let you know what’s in every can so you can feel good about bringing Lullaby by ECOS products into your home.

Better Paint, by Design

ECOS Lullaby nursery-safe paints were specially designed without the harsh chemicals found in conventional paints. This line of non-toxic, zero-VOC paint is perfect for cribs, play areas, or bedrooms. Using sustainable ingredients and a proprietary mixing process, our Lullaby paints deliver best-in-class appearance and enhanced durability. All Lullaby products are applied just like any conventional paints, using a brush, roller, or sprayer.

Lullaby Colors Delivered to You

The exquisite Lullaby colors reflect your style and provide the perfect calm and safe environment for your baby. All ECOS products are made to order at our manufacturing facility in South Carolina and delivered directly to your door.

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