Many people have adverse reactions to the odor from coatings (paint, primers, varnish, stains, and others) which can range from a mild nasal irritation, through headaches and nausea, to serious respiratory issues requiring hospitalization. Clearly, these are personal reactions, dependent upon each individual’s sensitivities.


Our products were specially formulated twenty five years ago with the issue of physical distress caused by traditional coatings firmly in mind. We avoid the chemicals that appear to cause the most problems. In fact, many of our customers have multiple chemical sensitivities, respiratory issues, asthma and allergies, and they cannot tolerate the harsh fumes produced by regular products. As a result, for over two decades we have provided respite to thousands of customers who have thanked us with notes like these:


Becky K. (McAlester/Oklahoma)
I just want to personally thank you. I was amazed when I opened a can of your semi-gloss varnish and there was no odor. I was able to varnish my bedroom, which is completely done in knotty pine, without having to wear any respirator or open windows and doors. I was hesitant to order this at first and it seemed a bit pricey. But I searched my local stores and other online stores to find something comparable. My husband has COPD and I have asthma. I couldn't find anything in comparison so decided to try yours. I am so pleased I did. It is worth the extra money to me knowing I am keeping my lungs safe from the toxic vapors of competitor's products. I am telling my family and friends about your products. I truly believe in keeping our lungs healthy! Especially our children's.
Colleen B. (Woodinville/Washington)
Highly recommended, exactly as advertised!
ECOS is the first paint that I have ever used that did not give me a headache, make me nauseous, and burn my eyes. I am very sensitive to all chemical smells, and I did not detect any paint smell while using this in my kitchen. The paint goes on nicely and after two coats it looks great. This is the only paint I will ever use in my home. I am very pleased with this product, and I am grateful that it is not toxic to people and the environment. Thank you!
Steve F. (Ashburn/Virginia)
Finally – paint for people with multiple chemical sensitivity
ECOS paint is amazing. My wife is an allergic asthmatic with multiple chemical sensitivity. We have to be very careful about what we use in the house for cleaning, painting, etc. This paint has absolutely no smell or chemical fumes and my wife had absolutely no reaction or sensitivity to it. I will never buy paint from the store again (unless it's ECOS).


We have hundreds of similar reviews on our website which are added to daily by similarly satisfied customers. You can find a link to some of them here.


While our efforts have been incredibly successful, we recognize that odor is subjective and that an individual can have hypersensitivity to a certain chemical, which might be entirely undetectable by another person. For this reason, we always recommend that customers who have a known issue with a particular chemical first test a small sample of our product. We disclose all of our ingredients (we are the only coatings company to do so) which allows customers to look for the chemicals that might be an issue for them, and we regularly answer inquiries about sensitivities to specific chemicals.

“No odor”, is not an absolute guarantee that no one will perceive any odor, rather that compared to the odors found in other paints and based on the most likely culprits, like formaldehyde and toluene (not present in our paints), we believe our paints are particularly suitable for most individuals with the most common odor sensitivities. If a customer is concerned, we are always happy to provide a small test sample first.

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