DD--Odor Blocking Paint and Varnish

For over twenty five years our customers have used ECOS paint and varnish to mask odors coming from walls, furniture, and fittings in their homes. These odors range from disagreeable smells, to off-gassing that leaves homeowners with headaches, causes illness, or results in them being unable to live in part or all of their house. The sources of the odors include paint (old and new), drywall, particle board, man-made materials, and even some natural products like wood.

In all cases, customers applied ECOS paint, or varnish over the offending surface to eliminate the smell. This simple encapsulation technique puts a barrier layer of the ECOS product on top of the problem substrate, helping to prevent the off gassing from entering the indoor environment.

We regularly receive feedback from customers just like this from Susan R, Fairfax VA

"I originally bought ECOS Paints to remedy the problem of a horribly toxic room that I had painted a beautiful dark cobalt blue in a standard brand of supposedly low (the supply store said all their paints were low) VOC paint. A few hours after painting the wall, I had trouble breathing normally and often felt that I was on the verge of blacking out, especially when I took deep breaths. I was certain the breathing trouble had been caused by chemicals in the paint, so I stayed out of the room, thinking that I could get back in the room in a matter of days. But weeks passed and the odor in the room would not go away. I called local painters to ask what to do, and what they told me seemed to offer only ways of compounding the problem. Eventually, I found ECOS Paints which I applied over the existing paint. So, a full three months after I had painted the wall with the toxic paint (I couldn't stand being in the room before that) I repainted the wall. I noticed that in the application process there was very little odor to (certainly nothing like a usual paint odor) and using the paints had no harmful effects. The next day the room felt completely transformed: there was no remaining odor from the toxic paint or even a feeling of the toxic stuff anywhere in the room. Months later now, the room is better than it ever was."

While there is no guarantee that every odor or chemical that is off-gassing from the various surfaces in a room can be inhibited by ECOS paint and varnish, our experience over more than two decades has shown that many customers have achieved the relief that they were seeking.

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