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DD--Organic Paints

What are organic paints?

You’re probably familiar with organic foods, organic body care products, and maybe even organic cotton, but what are organic paints?

There’s actually not a standardized definition or certification program for organic paints in the U.S. Our use of the term is based on the fact that our company originated in the U.K. where this terminology is more common.

But, we still stand behind the claim - and here’s why: ECOS products are free of antimicrobials commonly used in the paint industry such as Quaternary Ammonium, and Triclosan.

In fact, they are non-toxic enough that our founder ate a spoonful of ECOS Paint chosen at random by the U.K.’s Health and Safety Executive to demonstrate to them how pure and safe our paints are – although we certainly wouldn’t recommend ingestion. That’s what we mean when we say “organic paints.”

We look forward to the day there are definable standards and regulations for using the term “organic paints,” and are confident we’ll exceed any qualifications because ECOS Paints are simply the best! Check out all of our organic paints, coatings, and products.

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