DD--Paint Coverage - A True Value Driver


The cost to paint a room is determined by paint coverage, not by the price of a gallon.


Cost: $30.00 per gallon

Coverage: 300 sq. ft. / gallon

Cost per Room*: $150

5 gallons required, two coats


Cost: $50.00 per gallon

Coverage: 550 sq. ft. / gallon

Cost per Room*: $150

3 gallons required, two coats


Also, it takes longer (costs more) to apply 5 gallons of paint.

*Average room: 700 sq. ft. of wall area

Common issues with cheap paint




Premium quality paints use superior technology, better resins and the finest pigments. The result is a better, more durable product that offers better paint coverage. Typically rooms need to be repainted twice as often when using cheap paint compared with a premium product.





The more paint that is applied, the more emissions that enter the room. With low VOC paint, which contains up to 50g/liter of VOCs, that will amount to over two pounds of VOCs in a regular size room. That’s two pounds of potentially harmful gas floating around the room, being breathed in by you, your family, your friends, even your pets.

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