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Park Place Children's Center

Did You Know...
Playground chalkboard
Park Place Children's Center has a new  outdoor Chalkboard on the playground!

Park Place is so thankful for the new chalkboard created with Ecos Paints! Did you know that paint can contain highly toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, solvents, texanol, and formaldehydes which are released into the air for up to five years? Ecos Paints does not contain these toxic chemicals. Ecos Paints are safe because they contain no toxins, harmful solvents, or odor.

In addition to the outdoor chalkboard, Park Place Children's Center will also be using Ecos Paints as new areas of the school are painted.  We are so thankful to Danny Holder for introducing us to these outstanding paints and creating the chalkboard for us!

If you'd like more information about Ecos Paints, please feel free to contact Danny Holder at (864) 595-3840.


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