DD--St. Paul's United Methodist Church - Children's Education Center

The school faculty determined that the optimal time to repaint their facility was during term, just before the final week of school extending through the next week. As a consequence the students would be in close proximity to the painting and the project would need to be completed quickly.

Furman Babb Painting, a prestigious local firm with over fifty years’ experience, was chosen for the project. Bobby Babb, the company President, initially estimated the need for approximately 50 gallons of paint for the ten classrooms, corridor, offices and various utility rooms. However, acknowledging the proximity of the students and the short turnaround time, Bobby specified ECOS Eggshell Interior Paint. This environmentally friendly product has no VOCs and no odor, ideal for the health of the students, and the superior coverage of ECOS Paints would reduce the time spent painting.


The project was scheduled in two phases. First, during term time, the corridor and communal areas were painted. After school was out, the classrooms and facilities were completed. Mrs. Johnson, the school principal was impressed. The paint clearly lived up to its description, as the painters were able to complete the job without any children suffering irritation from lingering solvents, or interruption to classes from intrusive paint odors. In fact, other than seeing the men at work, the students hardly noticed the renovation work. Mrs. Johnson commented “ECOS Paint had absolutely no smell and that was fantastic. Being able to renovate our school, knowing that the children were not being exposed to harmful chemicals was fundamentally important to me. The wellbeing of our students is our highest priority here at St. Paul’s and we strive continually to maintain the highest standards.”


The safety was only half of the benefit though. When the project was completed, it had used only 26 gallons of the ECOS Eggshell Interior Paint. That is, just about half of the initial estimate. Bobby Babb commented “ECOS Paint was like the Energizer Bunny, it just kept going and going.” The coverage estimate was not a calculation error, as the job was accurately measured at 8,200 square feet of wall area to be painted, all with two coats. Using a traditional paint, with a coverage of approximately 350 square feet per gallon, the project would have needed 47 gallons. By comparison, the ECOS Paint covered an incredible 630 square feet per gallon. “The difference is in the quality of the paint” said ECOS Sales Manager, Danny Holder. “We do not use cheap fillers and solvents to water down our product. The consumer gets a premium quality, full bodied gallon of paint from us, made with the richest pigments and deepest colors. This quality directly translates into superior coverage. What’s more, ECOS Paint is much more durable than thin traditional paints, so the product will last longer and cope with every day wear and tear like you’d find in a school. A longer time between recoats, now that’s money saving.” The final commendation came from the painters themselves. Jim and Scott have a combined forty years of painting experience. Jim said, “It spreads well, and covers great. I give it a thumbs up. If you can get a job finished quicker and without having to recoat thin spots, it makes our lives much easier and keeps the boss happy, as we can get on to the next job.”

Overall, the project was a resounding success. The school looks wonderful, the students remain healthy, the painter’s life was easy and the cost was competitive. A true vindication for choosing quality in all aspects of what you do.

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