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Choosing colors with ECOS could not be easier. Either:

  1. Select a color from our palette (here) and we will mail paint chips to you free of charge so that you can see them first-hand. When you have found the color you like, you can order the paint here.

  2. Tell us which color you prefer, from another manufacturer, and we will simply color match it. We do this all the time, and have an extensive color library.

Premium Quality

Our rich, deep pigments are imported all the way from Europe, because the best tints make the best colors. ECOS’ highly trained professionals mix them in-house and can make almost any shade you can imagine. We are famous for our color matching and batch consistency.


Choosing colors, speaking to an expert, ordering and receiving product can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Every one of our customer service technicians has over ten years of specific paint experience, our tinting professionals make hundreds of custom colors each year, and our online shopping system means ordering and delivery is mere child’s play.

ECOS Paints

ECOS Paints is here to make your paint purchasing experience enjoyable and convenient. We are committed to creating and delivering premium-quality paints, varnishes, stains, primers, and more to our customers all around the world. Our products, including our award winning organic paint and stains, are designed specifically for people who can’t tolerate fumes due to chemical sensitivities. Each organic product is free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. While we believe that our accredited paints and finishes are better for you and your household, we want you to know, too. Our beyond zero VOC philosophy means that each product by ECOS Paints comes with VOC test data and a complete list of ingredients so you can make an informed and environmentally responsible decision. To ensure a beautiful color and superior coverage, our products are made with pigments imported from Europe. Browse our color library to find the perfect hue for your next project. If you’ve got your eye on a color that isn’t in our palette, we’ll match it for free: simply enter the color’s details in our easy-to-use color matching form. Once you’ve found your ideal varnish, stain, primer, or organic paint, simply place your order and we’ll ship the product directly to your front door. Shopping for the world’s best paint has never been easier thanks to ECOS Paints!