DD--Think Beyond Zero VOC..

Think Beyond Zero VOC...

Consumers often think that the VOC content of a coating (paint, primer, stain, or varnish) is the best and only indicator of the healthiness, or otherwise of a product. In reality, the VOC content is only a partial guide, and it can also be misleading.

Generally speaking, the lower the amount of VOCs the better. But it is also important to consider what these VOCs are. By way of an analogy, a gulp of gasoline will make you sick, but a drop of cyanide will kill you. In the world of VOCs the same kind of distinction is required, and that is not provided by a measure which only defines the total VOC content.

A more thorough guide to the healthiness, or otherwise, of a coating, would be a list of its ingredients. As consumers, we are very accustomed to seeing ingredients listed on products, and typically look to avoid specific ones that cause us concern. The same opportunity for evaluation should apply to the coatings that we bring into our homes.

At ECOS Paints, we provide customers with both VOC test data, and a list of ingredients. Informed customers can make good choices, and we believe in environmental transparency to back up our exceptional products. For full VOC and ingredient information visit each of the product pages, and click on the “Data Sheets” tab. Of course, if you have any further questions, we would be more than happy to help.

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