DD--Want to know what's in it?

For many years, consumers have been able to review the ingredients of all the foods that they eat so they can make an informed choice about what to buy. This fact checking option is not yet available for building materials, but it is coming.

ECOS Paints is at the forefront of this transparency movement being the only manufacturer to offer both Declare Labels and Third Party Verified Health Product Declarations (HPDs). In addition, our products have been tested according to EPA Test Method 24, EPA Method 8260B, California Specification 03150, The British Museum’s Oddy Test, ASTM D6886, ASTM D-4236, as well as being approved by organizations such as The British Allergy Foundation, and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

As there is not yet a perfect solution for providing transparency for building materials, we cannot offer one. However, our objective is to provide as much information as we can. Over time the industry will improve, and ECOS Paints anticipates remaining at the forefront of the transparency movement, helping customers to make informed decisions when choosing which product to buy.

Health Product Declaration

The HPD Open Standard provides a consistent, and transparent format to accurately disclose the material contents, and associated health information of a building product. Accepted for LEED v4.

Declare Label

Declare labels are issued to products disclosing ingredient inventory, sourcing and end of life options. They are based on the Manufacturers Guide to Declare, administered by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and certified for use in Living building Challenge projects. Accepted for LEED v4.

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