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DIY Projects

The Easiest DIY Rain Barrels and How to Paint Them

Posted By: ECOS Published: 06/17/2016 Times Read: 5053 Comments 1

Starting the process of collecting rainwater is a piece of cake with these 5 easiest DIY rainbarrel tutorials (and step-by-step instructions for painting!)

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40+ DIY Bird Perches & Toys

Posted By: ECOS Published: 01/27/2016 Times Read: 2678 Comments 0

Birds need to play and explore to be truly happy, so give your feathered friends some extra fun with these DIY bird projects.

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100+ DIY Wonderful Wooden Gifts

Posted By: ECOS Published: 12/09/2015 Times Read: 1080 Comments 1

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An Unbelievable 22 Room Painted Birdhouse Makeover

Posted By: ECOS Published: 11/19/2015 Times Read: 731 Comments 0

Do you have a birdhouse project that needs durable paint that's safe for the birds? ECOS Paints was the perfect choice for this unbelievable birdhouse!

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Your Own Piece Of The Rainbow: Painting a Room Using Two Different Colors

Posted By: ECOS Published: 10/14/2015 Times Read: 1145 Comments 0

Having a hard time selecting a paint color? You don't always have to select just one! Look to the color wheel to find multiple colors to use in your new room.

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ECOS Project Pick: DIY Factory Cart Coffee Table

Posted By: ECOS Published: 09/05/2015 Times Read: 748 Comments 0

Making your own coffee table is a lot easier than you think! ECOS Paints shares some tips for creating a beautiful piece of furniture you'll enjoy for years.

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How to Paint Faux Finishes: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration

Posted By: ECOS Published: 08/28/2015 Times Read: 4291 Comments 0

Faux finishes and trompe l'oeil techniques have been used for thousands of years & here's all you need to know to master these techniques yourself.

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ECOS Project Pick: DIY Stained Wooden Bench

Posted By: ECOS Published: 07/12/2015 Times Read: 953 Comments 0

Turn a pile of plain 2x4s into a beautiful bench! Ashley makes it look easy in her comprehensive tutorial.

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150+ Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/10/2015 Times Read: 1052 Comments 0

Painting your home is a big job, so picking the right colors can be a bit daunting. Here are tons of ideas & tips to make the process greener!

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50 Painted Patio & Garden DIYs

Posted By: ECOS Published: 04/20/2015 Times Read: 578 Comments 0

Almost anything can be re-purposed and re-painted, so use your imagination and head to the thrift store to find your perfect outdoor project!

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