DD--Chemical Sensitivity Safe

Why do many people need special paint?

Today there are more than fifty million asthma and allergy sufferers, and individuals with respiratory issues in the US - many of whom endure headaches, nausea, and breathing difficulties when exposed to fresh paint.

For this growing population, the solution to sickness caused by paint, has been to leave their home when it was being applied, and to stay away for several days after the job was finished. This denied them the opportunity to monitor the project, and added significant cost.

At ECOS Paints we would like to offer an alternative. Imagine having multiple chemical sensitivities, but still being able to paint a room yourself. Over the past twenty five years, thousands of our customers have experienced just that.

Our products were developed more than two decades ago, specifically for people who were sensitive to smells, chemicals, and pollutants. We formulated paints which avoided the chemistry that made so many people ill, and designed a product that would be great on your walls, but kinder to your health.

Since being introduced to the US in 2008, ECOS Paints have improved the homes of families, the buildings of companies like Google, and Facebook, and the lives of individuals, who deserve better than just industrial products designed for profit.

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