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Painting Tips & Tricks

2 Smart Tips For Priming Dark Colored Walls

Posted By: ECOS Published: 06/05/2018 Times Read: 821 Comments 0

Here are just a few tips for properly applying primer to walls with dark colors.

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2 Creative Spray Paint Projects Perfect For The Artistic Homeowner

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/29/2018 Times Read: 752 Comments 0

Here are just a few creative project ideas to try with non toxic spray paints.

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Importance of Low-VOC, Pet-Friendly Paints

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/22/2018 Times Read: 768 Comments 0

Wait, VOCs come from where? Learn about an unlikely source of VOCs, their effect on pets, and how to fight air pollution with ECOS' pet-friendly paints.

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What Are VOCs, And How Do They Affect Your Health?

Posted By: ECOS Published: 03/28/2018 Times Read: 1777 Comments 0

Here's a quick guide to understanding the health effects from VOCs.

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Recent Study Shows High VOCs in Household Products (Part 2)

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/15/2018 Times Read: 573 Comments 0

Painting with low VOC paints and using other products with low levels of VOCs is the best way to protect yourself from the health effects from VOCs.

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Homeowner's Guide To Properly Applying Wood Conditioner

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/08/2018 Times Read: 1835 Comments 0

Here's a quick guide to help you understand how to apply wood conditioner before your staining project.

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Recent Study Shows High VOCs in Household Products (Part 1)

Posted By: ECOS Published: 05/01/2018 Times Read: 525 Comments 2

According to BBC News, new research has shown that chemicals present in common household products are one of the 'key contributors' to urban air pollution..

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities | Accommodations for Renting

Posted By: ECOS Published: 04/24/2018 Times Read: 1491 Comments 0

How hard is it for tenants with MCS to find housing that won't make them ill? How can property owners provide accommodations for chemical sensitivities?

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3 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Staining Concrete

Posted By: ECOS Published: 04/17/2018 Times Read: 3422 Comments 2

Here are just a few mistakes to avoid when staining concrete.

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Polyurethane Fume Exposure And Your Health: What You Need To Know

Posted By: ECOS Published: 04/10/2018 Times Read: 54460 Comments 0

Here's what you need to know about polyurethane fumes and how they relate to your health.

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