DD--What is Healthy Paint?

What is Healthy Paint?

The only way to determine if a paint is healthy, is to know its ingredients,
and which gasses it emits when drying.


What Are VOCs?

VOCs are compounds “which participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions”. That is, they cause smog. But, some VOCs are more harmful than others, and many chemicals which can cause illness are not regulated VOCs. So, simply knowing the amount of VOCs that a product contains does not tell you how healthy it is.

Ingredients Determine Everything

Ingredients determine the toxicity of the product, and the types of gasses it produces. What comes out, must have gone in.

Think Beyond Zero VOC

At ECOS we recognize the need to think “beyond zero VOC”. So, not only do we painstakingly select our ingredients for their environmental provenance, but we also disclose them to the world. In addition, we provide customers with VOC test data, so that they can make an informed decision before buying our products.

Seal of Approval

We are the only paint company to disclose the ingredients in all of its products. Each one has a Declare label - a certificate administered by the International Living Future Institute, and preferred by leading environmentally focused organizations such as Google, and Facebook.

Quality Without Compromise

Of course, products still need to perform. ECOS Paints are premium quality, durable, high color products, which are easy to apply, and cover up to 1.5x more than traditional products. We don’t compromise on our quality, and we don’t expect you to.

We don’t compromise on quality and we don’t expect you to.

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